Friday, March 6, 2009

Rambling about stamps

Philpost released this week the Philippine-Korea Diplomatic Relations set. I bought many sheetlets, each containing five horizontal-pair sets. Or what we Philatelists call se-tenant sets. A se-tenant set is composed of two stamps with different designs paired together. Anyway, my point is that our stamps are beautiful, even when compared to those of other countries'.

I will admit our literacy rate is comparatively rock-bottom, but this is offset by the fact that we are a nation of artists. We excel in the arts -- music, painting, sculpture, anything that is fun. Well, reading and learning is fun, too, but that's for people of limited talent like me.

If you are blessed with talent, you can have fun all your life -- playing billiards for 50 years or more, holding your own against the best poker players in the world, having your painting auctioned for millions of bucks, drawing blockbuster heroes in comicdom, etc., and not worry about money.

As usual, my thoughts wander. Basta! Our stamps are admirable. 'Nuff said!

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