Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mau's babies

This is Mau, or Maurin. Because she looked like her father, Mau, she was named Mau rin = Maurin. Credit for the fun name goes to Leena. 

On December 2, Mau gave birth to four cuties; however, the first one to come out was dead. She was not named before she was buried in the shelter of the mango tree inside the wall of our home. The lack of name lessens the heartbreak.

And this is Mau's daughter, Dasher. Leena, who had been wrapping gifts for Christmas when Dasher and her siblings were born, was obviously thinking of Santa's reindeer. I could name only one when asked -- Rudolph. Sneezy and Grumpy are Snow White's dwarfs, Leena said.

Dasher sometimes perches on my tummy, which turns warm on the small spot occupied by her. I have learned that if a small cat can trust and like me, then I'm not so terrible after all.

 Dasher on my slipper

Mau Jr. is a small and cute male version of Mother Mau.
 Mau Jr. on my other slipper. Either my feet smells like catnip 
or they are mouse-flavored.
  This is Sky, the big brother. In cat language, his color is blue -- like, the Sky is blue.



smartz said...

Oh my goodness. They are so gorgeous and sweet. It gives me "cat envy." I, of course, have one 3 year old male that doesn't like to share so, alas, we will remain kittenless.

William Pogi Chua said...

This is the first time I included here an article about our cats. My wife has a blog about them at