Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Grave thoughts

This is for friends who think that life is just a burden to be endured, that all problems must vanish, that to rest is bliss.
I offer the alternative:

Grave thoughts
Here in my loneliness
I am idle, finally at rest.
I don't fret, no one bothers me,
No problems to solve-- for eternity. 
-- Willian the Henry                            
A townmate to Mark Twain, who was on a sentimental journey to Hannibal: "Mr. Clemens, I was born close to your birthplace in Florida, and have been in the house where you were born, often."
Twain: "I was not born often --only once, but I'm glad to see you, all the same."


smartz said...

Lovely post. I'm always so pleased to see you on blogspot. Hope all is well. Sandra

William Pogi Chua said...

Thanks. It's been a while. My mind is on a blink for months now, and I can't seem to have the old molecule of a brain cell get to emit intelligible combinations of alphabets. I'm glad you're going full steam. :)))