Wednesday, June 22, 2016


This is Albus, a very loving Ragdoll who, like any kitten, loves companionship and play. He is born on Jan. 7 with two siblings. When people took his siblings to their homes to lead better lives, he had at least two younger persian kittens and one stray left to play with. Then one by one his playmates moved to good homes, too, leaving Albus alone. When I see him looking forlorn like this, it breaks my heart. Of course I don't feel so good whenever a kitten moves to other homes, but I have come to term with this fact of life: Leaving is not so bad if the destination is a happier life. Every father learns this at his daughter's wedding day -- that no love is lost and life moves forward.

When I see Albus alone, silent, with no playmates no tumble with, my human problems, no matter how deep, diminish and are replaced with just one wish -- that this lonesome kitten gets a better shot at life's bounties. If there is kismet, I hope someone out there with the capability to make a kitten smile and purr with delight meets Albus. Full of trust, Albus purrs when we hold and stroke him. Certainly I will be sad when Albus leaves this home, but I will be consoled that he will not be alone anymore. I'll be all right if in his memory I'm replaced by a loving companion.

I quote Christina Rossetti about leavetaking, whether it involves human sweethearts or kittens that I love:
"Better by far that you forget and smile,
Than that you remember and be sad."

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