Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Duterte's blind side

This must be taught in schools
Very very few people know that my birthday is celebrated every week, and that I believe heavily on gift receiving, even without twisting of arms or shameless reminding.

Popular Bookstore ran out of stock of the Raissa Robles book (1st photo), so I'm looking for it as a weekly birthday present (wink! wink!) to me, which does not mean I'm forking out the cash, after asking wifey to buy the two books shown in Photos 2 and 3. What are reminders for?

So I have two books about Martial Law at hand and I currently lack the Robles book. Meanwhile I'm reading Primitivo Mijares' "The Conjugal Dictatorship of Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos", which is being offered free in eBook form online, to refresh the memory of old people like my friends -- who had experienced the censorship, terrors and murders of the New Society -- and to teach millennials, like me, and this generation's dumb voters who voted for all Marcoses last May. Why not read the new books you bought, you may ask, and the answer... umm, it fell to earth I know not where.

During the election I rooted for Duterte and cursed Binay and Roxas for trying to impose their incompetence on this unfortunate country, which allowed the birth of Mariano Marcos (shot by guerrillas as a spy of the Japanese invaders), who begat Ferdinand, who with Imelda and cronies plundered our resources. Then they were ousted in 1986 with their begotten gremlins Bongbong, Imee, and Irene. After Duterte won, I began pulling roots, after he declared his fealty for the Marcoses. Part of his priority now is to pay his debt of gratitude to the Marcos clan, whom he said took care of his father and him even while the Marcoses looted the coffers, closed tne media, tortured and killed thousands of activists, and borrowed so much from foreign institutions that we, in this year 2016, are still paying for what the Marcoses, Romualdezes, Benedictos, Tantocos, et al. had hoarded, splurged, and hidden. 

Now I'm preparing for the dire results of Duterte's inconsistensy and contradictions. He has, even before the beginning of his term, started purging the system of its entrenched drug lords and crime kingpins. How he hates drugs. Me too, except my maintenance tablets. He says "Stop it!" to crime. Yey! He will bury Marcos in the Libingan ng mga Bayani. Huh?! Ok, he's not a hero, Duterte concedes, but he was a soldier. Now I want to know Duterte's birthday, so I can give him Mijares' book. That book reveals that Marcos was hunted by guerrillas, who wanted to execute him as a collaborator. Not a soldier at all, the book said, but as a buy-and-sell man during the Japanese Occupation. Possibly a traitor. Ferdinand and Imelda spawned Ferdinand Junior -- or Bongbong, who will certainly try to wrest the vice presidency from the duly elected Leni Robredo. 

Duterte has already instituted a lot of changes. For the first time in Philippine politics, the vice president will be given no tangible post as part of the administration -- because Bongbong's feeling will be hurt. Another first is that the president-elect and the VP-elect will hold their inaugurations separately, because Duterte wants it that way. Maybe he cannot have both Bongbong ang Leni together in the inauguration ball?

Duterte feels he has a debt of obligation to the biggest family of crooks ever, but why oh why, like that fool Noynoy to Purisima, must the country pay for Duterte's debt? We are still paying for the Marcoses' debt! A consolation is that the dumbos who voted for Imelda, Imee, and Bongbong have joined the old timers in paying debts incurred long before they were born. This early we are reaping the fruits of our elected leader's contradictions. When there are two opposing sides, one side will falter in the long run, and Duterte, who purportedly hates criminals who destroy our society, is on the side of the biggest looters of resources and of the killers of thousands of dissenters. What strange bedfellows you have, Mr. President. May fate be kinder to this unfortunate land.


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